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TanHef Ranks Indicator: Your Numeric Compass to the Market

Effortlessly gauge whether assets are priced high or low, and identify areas with a high probability of price shifts. (Quantified through a confluence of mean reversion.)

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What do the numbers represent?

TanHef Ranks uses numeric values to pinpoint market tendencies. Smaller values indicate a potential mean reversion on a shorter scale, ideally complementing a discernible longer-term trend. In contrast, larger values hint at a probable long-term trend shift. However, these larger numbers demand confluence between both short and long-term mean reversion analyses, enhancing the likelihood of accurate predictions over a longer time periods.

Our indicator doesn't just highlight areas of interest; it quantifies them. With TanHef Ranks, you're not just trading—you're orchestrating with confidence.

How is it calculated?

TanHef Ranks indicator measure a prices momentum by comparing its upwards strength to downwards strength by achieving a ratio of the up bar and the down bars. This alone can be helpful in identifying a reversion to the mean. But what truly sets it apart is its emphasis on confluence, where multiple data points converge across short, medium, and longterm price actions. These come together to enhancing the indicator's reliability.

Does it repaint?

Once a bar closes, its ranking value remains constant. While the bar is open, its value may rise but will never drop.

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Dive into a market perspective that's both broad and deep with TanHef Ranks. While others offer a snapshot, we provide the entire story—from short sprints to long marathons. Step into the market's rhythm with TanHef Ranks. While other tools offer glimpses, we provide a numeric compass.


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